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App Development

Key learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the various components and features of the MIT app inventor platform through app development course online
  2. Learn to make basic animation and gaming apps and download them on your android phone.
  3. Understand designing concepts behind making apps 
  4. Learn about various input and output components/sensors in app development
  5. Hands-on practice on the programming of the apps
  6. Make fun games and web-based apps using mobile phone inbuilt sensors, web viewer, and URL 
  7. Learn the use of variables and lists in programming. Using a list to make interactive quiz games
  8. Make location-based apps messaging apps
  9. Apply the concepts of Artificial intelligence and machine learning through app design and programming.

How it works?


Step 1 - Contact us to book a Free trial class

Step 2 - Enroll for the course if you like the Trial class

Step 3 - Students progress is tracked throughout the course

Step 4 - Extra resources and support given to each student

Step 5 - Continue your coding and Robotics journey with us by taking up advanced courses

Jayarama Susarla

Atlanta, USA

My son has enrolled in the robotics course in Lego education EV3. The curriculum is very methodical and comprehensive.

He is enjoying various challenges and assignments while gaining a good understanding of robotics design and programming concepts.

Highly recommend RoboGems for coding and robotics courses.

Anoop Ashok

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

My Son is in 7th Grade. He is loving his coding and Arduino classes.

He is learning Coding and STEM concepts in Arduino doing hands-on projects.

He loves to talk about his ideas in developing Games and Animation projects. He wishes to take up Robotics upon completion of the Arduino course.

Thanks to Robogems for methodical and engaging coding and Arduino classes.

Vinny Bajaj

New Delhi

My 12 years old son enrolled in the Robotics and Arduino courses at RoboGems.
He has been enjoying his classes making various Robotics and coding projects and loves to showcase his projects with confidence.
He has picked up an interest in coding and robotics..thanks to RoboGems.

Upasana Verma


My Son is enjoying the courses in App development and coding. The instructors are very friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging to the Kids.

I highly recommend RoboGems for coding and App development courses.

Priyanka Jain


My little one has gained immense interest in robotics and coding.

She loves to make amazing projects in Coding and Robotics classes and loves to talk about it with a lot of confidence and pride.


New Delhi

I have enrolled my daughter in Robotics Wedo 2.0  and creative coding using MIT Scratch.
She's enjoying the classes thoroughly while doing hands on projects.
Robogems has admirable instructors who make the learning process quite fun.
It has possibly the most academically thorough service when it comes to online coding courses

Ravi Getu

Dubai, UAE

Children have an excess amount of energy and curiosity. All they need is exposure to useful activities and proper guidance to develop useful skills.

I am very happy that my daughter Grace has a kind and loving teacher, who guides her through new challenges and concepts in coding. Robogems has all my appreciation for delivering engaging online classes.

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