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In the previous blog, we underlined the importance of coding for kids. We concluded that Coding skills are important not only because of the future career prospects but also for the broader skills development for kids.

Even if your kid does not go on to work in the field of computer science, computational thinking skills would help him/her understand how to leverage technology to solve difficult problems in personal and professional life.


Next Step – Choosing The Right Coding Classes

The world of programming might appear to be quite overwhelming to someone who is not a techie, especially parents, who wish to enroll their kids in coding classes.

Below are a few criteria every parent must consider before selecting a coding class.


Course Curriculum

An ideal course curriculum is rooted in developing computational thinking skills in students. It focuses on not only the “How” aspect of learning the programming language but also the “Why ” aspects. The course must enable the kid to develop customized solutions using technology. A holistic approach would help kids understand which tool is more suited for what purpose. Result orientation would help kids focus on the solution rather than only the nitty-gritty of a particular programming language.

Let’s try to understand this with the tool & toolbox approach.

Each tool (screwdriver, hammer, drill, saw, etc.) in a toolbox has a different function. A kid who understands the specific functions of each tool would be more adept at his skill. However, a kid who is only good at using the hammer will see all the problems as nails.

At RoboGems, we have developed a curriculum for each age group. We do further customization based on the needs and interests of the students. Our curriculum is developed by a core group of professionals, who are leaders in the field of technology, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Activity-Based Learning

“Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I may remember,

Involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Coding is best taught with a practical learning approach. Activity-based learning encourages kids to not only learn & understand the concepts but to demonstrate their learnings as well. Coding classes that promote activity-based learning are highly recommended. Coding games & puzzles are a widely popular way to make learning an interactive experience for kids. A quality coding program offers abundant opportunities for kids to practice their skills by working on projects.

RoboGems encourages kids to exercise their creativity with coding by building apps, games, and prototypes of products that solve real-life problems.


Teacher/Student Ratio

The third on the list is the Teacher/Student ratio. The size of the class is inversely proportional to the level of individual attention a child would get. Close attention while learning coding might enhance a kid’s learning. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the teacher/student ratio of the class while choosing a coding class.

At RoboGems, we provide live online coding classes. The option for group classes is also available for a group of 3-5 kids to promote collaborative learning. The small class size enables our teachers to focus on each kid individually & help them grasp all the involved concepts.


Age-Appropriate Program

How To Choose The Right Coding Classes For Kids? | RoboGems

Although coding classes are available for kids, as young as 7 years of age, the emphasis must be on the age-appropriateness of the program while choosing a coding class. A well-structured and age-appropriate format of a coding class might help a kid learn better. An ideal coding class would gradually increase rigor & challenge as the kids learn and grow.

RoboGems offer child-friendly coding classes which follow an age-appropriate pedagogy. The aim is to provide a basic foundation for understanding coding concepts and optimizing a child’s learning ability gradually.


Parent’s Testimonials

In the age when we don’t even try a restaurant without a thorough check on either Google or Yelp, enrolling your kid into a coding class without reading other parent’s testimonials & reviews doesn’t sound right. Before finalizing your decision for a coding class, look for other parent’s reviews about the platform. It would give you an insight into what went well and what didn’t as per their experiences.

We, at RoboGems, are thankful for all the parents who have appreciated our services. Read our parent’s testimonials to know real people’s take on RoboGems.

Last but not the least, discuss with your kids where their interest lies before choosing a coding class. For instance – if your kid is interested in web development or game development, choose the program that would align with his/her interests. A careful evaluation of all these aspects would help you choose the right coding classes for your kid. The right coding class might give you surprising results by making your child’s coding journey enjoyable.

At RoboGems, we understand that finding the right coding program for your kid can be a little confusing.

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