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Look around you! Almost all the major disruptions in recent years are technological.

The code behind these technologies solves problems that have lingered for decades. Be it Amazon, which gets you stuff at just a few clicks to Uber, which enables rides anywhere, anytime. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have changed the way we connect as humans. Google has revolutionized the way we seek information and knowledge.

The ability to write code is the force behind these technological innovations and creative problem-solving.

The answer lies in all the benefits that coding embodies as a skill and deserves to be on the same podium as any other part of the curriculum, be it mathematics, Science, or Arts. Coding has evolved into a competency that brings abundance in terms of personal and academic benefits.

The following benefits emphasize the need to learn Coding for children.

  1. Coding = Creativity

Coding requires creativity to develop new & innovative programs. Children who learn how to code can develop apps, games, and programs that creatively solve real-life problems.

  1. Logic & Rationality

Children who master coding develop logical and rational thinking. Programming uses the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for a detail-oriented perception and a sequential thought process.

A child must be able to pass on structured instructions, systematically break down problems, and apply logic to problematic situations to write a code. Therefore, coding teaches and inspires children to live a balanced life with mental clarity.

  1. Storytelling skills

Coding, like a story that has a defined structure, always with a certain beginning, a progressive middle, and a definitive end. It is similar to a spoken language, in which each alphabet has a special formula that means something.

Learning the basics of coding changes the way a child interacts with technology. Coding empowers children not to consume digital media blindly, but to understand how it works. Coding supports the development of other skills such as storytelling, creative writing, and communication.

  1. Perseverance & Resilience

Coding allows children to explore and experiment, there are no limits to what they can and cannot do with a code. Coding helps them to develop a positive attitude to their mistakes. They need to be persistent and resilient to develop a successful, error-free program. Therefore, coding changes a child’s perspective towards problems. They begin to look for solutions instead of dwelling on the problem.


Coding – > Decoding A Bright Future.


online coding classes for kids 

Smart devices, Augmented Reality and Advanced algorithms that deliver personalized content are now an inseparable part of our daily lives. Websites, applications, and tools of the 21st century are focused on turning everything computerized, and AI-centric.


We live in a digital era.


We are surrounded by technologies that are working on either code, IoT, or AI. It will come as no surprise if coding becomes as necessary as the English language in the future as there has been an exponential increase in the application of coding. Therefore, one can safely say that we are approaching an automated future, which makes it imperative for kids to understand and practice coding.


Promising Future For Coders


coding for kids 

Today, the majority of jobs require computer skills, and in the future, it may not be enough just to have computer skills, so the need for a child to have skills that are ahead of their peers is intensifying.

Coding & Programming not only leads a child to a career in programming but also the skills acquired through programming open the door to a variety of careers, including Artist, Analyst & Scientist. Moreover, the significant earning potential of Coding & programming careers is one of the significant draws of learning to code. Apart from being cool, coding is presently a vital skill set for future career prospects.

Learning how to code does not define the ultimate career path for a child. Alternatively, it inculcates multiple skills in him/her. Therefore, the principles and concepts of coding would be beneficial to children throughout their careers.


Choose RoboGems – Why?


The opportunity to develop computational thinking skills will immensely help your child in the forthcoming years.

At RoboGems, we strive to develop computational thinking skills through our well-researched curriculum and engaging pedagogy. We aim to make the kids feel confident in their technological capabilities and be prepared to meet the requirements of future education, the job market, and Businesses.





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