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Block-based coding is coding in a visually stimulating environment. Coding blocks are simple representations of syntax-based codes. Simply put, it makes coding fun and easy for the kids.

Block-based coding is like a jigsaw puzzle. It provides visual cues about how and where commands can be combined and used. If two commands cannot be logically combined to produce a valid result, the program prevents them from snapping or joining together.

Building a program in a block-based programming language such as MIT Scratch is as simple as drag-and-drop of coding blocks. This approach allows kids to create games without the need to write the codes manually. Scratch coding games represent the tip of the iceberg of all the things kids can create via block-based coding.

First Block-Based Programming Language – Scratch



The concept of block coding originated with a basic computer language – Scratch. In 2003, MIT developed the very first block coding language. The idea was to teach coding & programming to kids. The program has become a hugely successful initiative throughout the world with a very vibrant online community.

Hundreds of schools have updated their curriculum to include scratch coding for kids.

Since it relies on visual aids and sequential thinking rather than memorizing syntax, it is popular with children. All you have to do is drag, drop and switch blocks around in a logical sequence.


Advantages of Block or Scratch Coding for Kids


Easy to Learn

Kids are visual learners. Block coding appeals to their natural inclination to visualization and imagination. The drag-and-drop approach to coding has made it uncomplicated and accessible to everyone.


Focus on Conceptual Learning and Creative Thinking

Rather than memorizing commands, block coding allows children to focus on programming concepts such as input/output, loops, conditionals, operators, recursions.

Moreover, eliminating the entire syntax format frees a child’s memory, allowing him to discover unique solutions and develop a problem-solving mindset while having fun.


Scope for Experimentation

Block coding encourages kids to play around with blocks and use their creative potential to create new code. Scratch online programming allows them to add their own variables and create their own blocks in the program. The opportunities are endless.


Why is it necessary for kids?



Coding in general is necessary for children as it helps them to appreciate how technology works. They are able to understand the concepts and principles to create and develop applications.

Coding on the Scratch platform helps them to build confidence to be the creator of exciting games and programs.

Also, the Scratch Online Programming Platform helps children develop computational thinking. Computational thinking itself has applications not limited to computer science, but many areas of study.


Academic Benefits

Block coding develops skills such as logically organizing and analyzing data, breaking down problems into tiny parts, performing procedures to achieve a solution, analyzing results, etc.

In addition, kids learn how to deal with errors by anticipating potential problems and finding the right solution. Another advantage of enrolling your kid for a block-based coding course is – algorithmic thinking. It is the ability to define clear steps that are required to solve a problem. Such skills help kids excel in academics, especially maths and science.


Future Scope of Block Coding

 “Any professional career of the future requires competence in providing data analysis for large datasets, machine learning, and the use of simulations to lower the cost of testing and manufacturing.” – Karen Panetta

The continuing pervasiveness and importance of technology in our lives indicate the future workforce would require people with coding knowledge. Even non-technical professions would also need to leverage the use of technology to make advancements in their field.

Block-based coding is able to prepare kids for the technologically advanced future.

Block-based coding via MIT Scratch is the perfect stepping stone for kids interested in Coding & Robotics. At RoboGems, we understand the importance of coding skills for kids and are well equipped to help them reach their potential.

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