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If we picture human civilization as a car, code is the engine that drives it into the future. Coding is the language of the modern world. The smart devices that we so innately depend on need code instructions to operate and communicate with the human world.

This modern language of code is so business-centric that the prevailing idea in the tech world says that the future generation will need to learn to code or be coded. Of course, the infamous Matrix movie springs to mind. However, the previous statement is not fictitious or hyperbole.

The research supports the prediction that Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered robots and programs will be so sophisticated that by 2030, as many as 400 to 800 million jobs will embody coding at its core.

Either because of such a dire warning over future job prospects or the exacerbated IT needs by the coronavirus pandemic, more than half of the non-tech workers are contemplating a career change and steering towards coding. Moreover, the number of coders worldwide is expected to rise from 23 million today to nearly 28 million within five years.


What Will The Next Decade Look Like For Coding?


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Will AI take over the world like in Sci-fi movies?

We all ponder upon this thought of AI ruling everything. More so after the recent studies suggest that robots might replace 1 billion humans at their workplace in a bit more than a decade from today.

The truth is – AI will dominate, but not replace. With the popularisation of AI, programming will probably become more abstract. Low/no-code platforms may also emerge with some striking plus points.


Democratization Of Sophisticated Technologies

The new abstract programming technology will allow organizations without dedicated IT teams to seamlessly implement custom solutions into their organization. No / low-code will democratize the use of applications and technical programs by disenchanting the stereotypes that coding is only for techies.

In the field of artificial intelligence, new coding platforms will essentially enable the democratization of artificial intelligence, even in small businesses. Futuristic AI platforms, with features such as pre-built algorithms and simple workflows, will enable individuals to implement the new-age technologies, and will also open doors for business owners and employees to devise intelligent solutions and improve their working practices.


Hybrid Workforce – A Possibility In 2030

A hybrid human-artificial intelligence workforce could emerge and potentially be huge for organizations looking to expand their operational side without a dedicated DevOps team.

Low-code AI solutions will allow businesses to quickly design, deploy and execute conversational AI that can support day-to-day tasks in roles such as a Customer Service Representative, IT Help Desk Engineer, or HR specialist.

A hybrid workforce of humans & digital employees will handle the load of customer interaction across channels. Additionally, humans will focus their energies on marketing, project management and more sophisticated tasks, while AI will consistently facilitate work through automated learning capabilities.

A hybrid workforce will be transformative for customer-oriented industries such as finance, healthcare, law, and drive demand for coding even higher.


Coding May Be More Accessible In The Future


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The low-code platforms and new-age programming tools will derive more significant results from a small code while reversing the projections about AI overtaking coding. Its increased accessibility will mark the beginning of a new phase in the digital era.

In the future, coding may encourage a diverse range of businesses (different sizes and fields) to incorporate technology in their business by implementing a blend of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning application and optimize their operational tasks.

No / low code does not mean the developer’s demise but the formation of a progressive path towards more sophisticated intelligent technologies.


Conclusion – Coding Is The Way Of The World


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There is an urgent need for kids to realize the importance of coding and robotics in order to understand the world around them and be essential future workforce constituents. In this workforce, coding might be mandatory for every candidate. Therefore, consider the opportunity to turn your kids into the thinkers & leaders of tomorrow.


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