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Coding is one of the fastest-growing fields which essentially comes from the academic discipline of key cryptography – cracking varied encryptions and codes. Many historians believe this academic discipline was formalized during World War II as numerous code-breakers worked to crack the German “Enigma” code. Ultimately, the computation was developed and as a result, the code was deciphered.

Coding for Kids

Basic programming knowledge can alter the way how our kids would interact with and use the technologies in the present times. But if you look closely, Coding isn’t only about the app, software, robot or digital solution your kid designs, creates and develops, coding is a multidisciplinary field where a kid will gain knowledge that goes beyond the pure line of code.

Coding gives kids challenges and encourages them to develop resilience. The more kids will make, develop and debug a code or software, the more they will learn from their mistakes. Coding also improves problem-solving. The ability to code requires the skill to use logical thinking. To identify a problem and to disintegrate it into narrower pieces which makes it easy to solve is known as decomposition and is considered as one of the key features of computational thinking. In many ways, coding is a cognitive skill which hones the logical portions of the mind as it fits perfectly well with many mathematical disciplines.

Coding is Everywhere

Nowadays, coding is considered foundational for businesses to employ programmers to assist them to automate business processes. For instance – Airbnb, a classic example of how technology has been adopted to solve the problem of staying while you travel to various places. Earlier, one had to either call before reaching the destination or lookout for a place to stay until after arriving at the destination with no guarantee that the place would be available. And now, with just a single click, you can book whichever place fancies you the most and suits your pocket. This is just one example from an extensive list of companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, etc.

Software engineering constitutes the core of all companies and not only those in the technology sector. These companies are consistently on a lookout for hiring some of the most skilled engineers in the market to develop software and apps per the changing requirements and innovations.

Coding for the Future

Considering the kind of progress in technology, the ability to code will be a basic life skill in the future for the next generation i.e. our kids – just as using computers has been for us in the past. A kid would develop the computational thinking skills without the need to learn the syntax and semantics of a formal programming language like Java, C++ or Python. Therefore, in the forthcoming years if your child can design and develop software, an app or a robot from scratch, then that’s going to make your child very popular in the coding world.

We, at RoboGems, offer coding courses grounded in computational thinking skills in programming languages like Scratch, MIT app inventor and Python.

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