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Python Overview
Why Is Python Ideal For Kids?
Future Prospects Of Learning Python For Kids
Why RoboGems?

Why should kids learn programming?

And particularly why Python for kids is important?

Programming is becoming a foundational skill in the 21st century that is not only used in computer science but also in other wide range of fields. We believe that in 7th-grade kids can begin their programming journey to develop interest, be comfortable in handling large data and also solve complex problems.

Let’s Talk About Python!

Python is one of the most popular and versatile programming languages with a lot of applications in the fastest growing areas like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, game development, web development and more. Developers of popular web applications like YouTube, Instagram and the famous search engine Google also use Python.

Today there are a wide variety of programming languages for different applications. Each language differs in terms of complexity and application in the real world. So, if your child, your nephew or your niece is displaying an initial interest in programming or would like to learn more about programming languages like Python, then there is no better time to nurture this interest. It may sound and look easy to start a child’s journey into programming, However, to stay interested and bring the programming skills to an advanced level, children need expert guidance and a well-thought-out pedagogy and curriculum.

Why Is Python Ideal For Kids?
  • Perfect for beginners.

Python is easy to learn compared to other programming languages as it has a very clear and straightforward syntax therefore it is regarded as a good language for beginners.

  • Free to use & Easy to set-up.

Your child can program and learn Python online at home as Python can be easily installed on a PC or a laptop. Other languages aren’t this easy to install for the kids to learn, This is possible because Python is a free open source programming language. There are no charges to pay and use.

  • Python community is continually growing.

Over the years, Python has become an extremely popular language in the programming community because of the applications it has found itself being used in and is also expected to remain popular in the coming years. So, if your child knows Python Coding, it will open up a lot of career opportunities for him/her in the future.

Many online interactive and informative communities discuss Python code problems. These communities can prove to be a great resource in addition to our talented teachers for the children to learn programming, get stuck, get help, solve problems and repeat to become coding stalwarts in the future.

Future Prospects Of Learning Python For Kids

Learning Python programming language for kids can and will undoubtedly offer many viable career opportunities in the future like:

  • Data Scientist, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence – Works with data, statistical methods and algorithms.
  • Data Analyst – Analyses data to gain data-driven insights.
  • Python Programmer – Develops different applications with Python programming language.
  • Game Developer – Develops games by combining innovative language like Python with creativity as it has libraries that support game development.

Python language uses plain and simple English commands. Learning this language is surely bound to help children develop a more concise and structured approach towards the English language as well. It is also beneficial in improving a child’s critical and logical thinking that enables him/her to instantly and efficiently come up with solutions for problems. Any new skill that needs to be taught to any kid should have the ability to be broken down into smaller steps to make it simple & easy to learn.

We highly recommend Python to be the First Programming Language for children that are inclined to learn programming in 7th or 8th grade. We also firmly believe that the right approach is to introduce the option of learning Python language to the kids as soon as they know how to type on the keyboard.

Why RoboGems?

We, at RoboGems, offer online coding courses in Python through our dedicated pedagogy and practical teaching approach. We strongly believe that with us your children will be able to understand, have fun while learning and apply the principles of computational thinking in problem-solving through our hands-on projects.

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