Creative Computing

Creative Computing

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In this course, you'll learn all about block based programming, also known as visual programming. You'll start by learning the basics of coding with Scratch, a popular block based coding language. From there, you'll move on to more advanced concepts like creating animations and games. By the end of the course, you'll be a pro at block based coding and will be able to create your own programs from scratch.

Key Benefits

  • Check Icon Image Make programs on MIT Scratch platform to experience Science and Maths concepts in action.
  • Check Icon Image Develop computational thinking skills.
  • Check Icon Image Learn key programming skills such as functions, various types of loops, variables, conditionals.
  • Check Icon Image Learn advanced programming concepts Mathematical operations, Decision structures, a Deeper exploration of loops, and string processing.
  • Check Icon Image Learn debugging and testing of the program.
  • Check Icon Image Develop a problem-solving mindset through various projects and challenges.
  • Check Icon Image Share and collaborate with the worldwide Scratch community.
  • Check Icon Image Build your portfolio in your personal Scratch account.
  • Check Icon Image Learn from the RoboGems community.