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The Robotics Foundation course is designed to give your child a strong foundation in robotics principles and applications. The course covers topics such as motion planning, kinematics, dynamics, control, and sensors. You will also get to build and program your own robot.

Key Benefits

  • Check Icon Image Early exposure to robotics can have a positive impact on children's cognitive development
  • Check Icon Image Your child will learn Robotics using Lego education WeDo 2.0 kit
  • Check Icon Image Robotics is a great way to get kids engaged in STEM activities.
  • Check Icon Image It's a fun and stimulating activity that can help them learn about programming, engineering, and math.
  • Check Icon Image Robotics is also a great way to get kids to learn collaboration
  • Check Icon Image Robotics can help kids develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills
  • Check Icon Image Robotics provides an opportunity to extend coding concepts and practices in a more concrete and tangible way. Coding is a critical literacy for students in the 21st century and robotics is an excellent way to reinforce these concepts.
  • Check Icon Image Robotics also allows for more creativity and expression in the design and implementation of code